How to be happy after a break up

Right now you might be hurting so bad that you’re wondering how to be happy after your breakup.  You’re tired of feeling sad and lonely wondering if the pain of the breakup will ever go away.  I want to let you know that the feelings of being lonely and depressed after your breakup and the intense pain you’re experiencing will eventually fade.  And there are things you can do to get your happy back and bask in your post-break up glo up.

But if we’re honest with one another, some of the things you need to do to start healing, like doing 30 days of no contact can leave you in pain.  They can be isolating.  Not only are you cutting your EX off from talking to you, you’re also cutting yourself off from talking to him.  You will experience feelings of loss.

So since you know all of this is on the horizon, you need to make sure you make up for it by giving yourself the chance to laugh, crack a smile, be playful and experience happiness again.

So here are a few things I want you to do right now to pick up your spirits, smile, give yourself the break you deserve and learn how to be happy after your breakup!

5 Feel-Good things you can do after your breakup

1. Take a hot bath and relax.

This is mandatory. I don’t care if you already think you’re squeaky clean. This wash is to clean your mind as much as it is to clean your body. And if you don’t believe me, believe the scientists!  Researchers say that a hot bath can be more powerful than exercise in fighting depression.

Make sure the shower or bath is very hot. Make it special with some bubble bath or bath bombs. Relax and let all of your problems wash off your back and circle down into the drain. Let go of any negative thoughts you’ve been holding on to. Let these few minutes be an oasis of peace in the middle of the chaos that your life has become.

2. Eat some comfort food.

Sister girl, this is not the time to count calories. I want you to think of your favourite feel-good meal of comfort food. Even better if you don’t have to cook it and you can buy it or get it from your friend. Enjoy every bite. Let it take you back to a cozy place in your childhood.  Think of every bite – the way it tastes, smells, looks and feels in your mouth.  Savour the experience.  Treasure every little morsel.  It’s not called comfort food for nothing!

My favourite go-to foods (before I was vegan) would be:

  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese 
  • White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Cookies
  • Peach Cobbler 
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

What are your favourite comfort foods?

3. Phone a friend.

Be careful with this one. I want you to phone a friend, but just like you have to be careful about who you call on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I need you to be equally as careful about who you’ll call now as well. The person you choose can give you peace as you’re dealing with the break up or they can add to your stress.

There’s one more suggestion I want to give you on this conversation. Give yourself a time limit. Decide, I’m going to talk about this for 20 minutes and then I’m going to stop. You see, if you let yourself go on and on about it, you could take yourself into a tailspin of doubt, sadness and depression. The point is to unload, laugh and have fun not to regress back into a pit of dark depression. So phone a friend and destress your mind.

4. Grab a Funny Movie (or comedy set) and Laugh

Laughter is just what the doctor ordered when your heart is in pain. Find your favourite film, grab some snacks and prepare to laugh. Suspend all reality. Forget about your pain for a few minutes and let go.

A few of my fav Netflix comedies recently are:

  • Murder Mystery
  • Game Night
  • Always Be My Maybe

5. Eat your favorite ice cream.

Eat your favourite ice cream and then forget about it!  It’s the classic go-to move for girls post break up — curling up in front of the TV with a carton of ice cream.  As cliche as it may seem, go for it and for those few minutes, forget about anything that’s bothering you!  My favourite is Prailines and Cream.  What about yours?

Workout after breakup for happy endorphins 

Maybe it’s just me, but a good run seems to purge some of the sadness and anger out of me.  Maybe it’s the pounding of my feet against the pavement or the sweat that makes me feel like it’s making my body get rid of any bad associated with the relationship.  Even if you haven’t been a runner in the past, give it a go and see how you feel.

Self-Care after a breakup

Self-care isn’t all about manis and pedis and facials.  It’s about making sure you’re focused on being your best self, whether that’s your mental, physical or emotional health.

When the pain is absolutely to unbearable, it’s time to start thinking beyond just doing things to make you feel better and actually looking towards your emotional health.  Considering  support, like therapy after your breakup is one of the best ways to deal with the underlying issues and pain.

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