2017: Your Year of Yes

Are you ready for 2017?  Really ready?

Let’s have a moment of real talk.  Is it okay if I’m frank with you?  It might even seem too frank. Too frank…as in the time you needed to tell your kids there’s no Santa Claus and some precocious kid jumps in and tells them at school before you’re ready to do it.

There’s nothing magical about January 1, 2017.  When the clock counted down and the ball dropped, there was no New Year’s Fairy that sprinkled magical fairy dust on the coming of the new year.

If that were the case, we’d all be trying to come up with ways to get the fairy to sprinkle an extra portion of fairy dust on our year so that we were guaranteed more love, happiness, money and success. 

But you know what?  There is magic in 2017.  The promise of 2017 is in the magic we make.  The promise is in our relationship with God and the way we invest the talents, gifts and resources He gives us.

The Year of Yes

This is why I was so inspired recently when I heard Shonda Rhimes’ TED Talk about her “Year of Yes”.  She shared that when she learned to start saying “yes” – to change her mindset in life – the way she approached her fears absolutely changed.  The way she approached life changed.

If you’re not familiar with Shonda Rhimes, she’s the creator of several super popular TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal.

The names of the shows aside, her whole concept about her Year of Yes has inspired me to push a bit outside of my comfort zone in 2017, and I want to invite you to come along on this journey with me!

The overarching idea behind saying “yes” was her decision to face her fears instead of avoiding them.  And not just that, it was also to say “yes” to her family.

So when she was asked to speak in public, instinctively she wanted to say no, but instead she said yes.  When she was asked to do live TV, she previously would have said no, but then she decided to say yes.  And most importantly, as she was walking out the door to head off to work and heard one of her daughters invite her to play, previously she would have said no because her life was too busy, but now she paused and said “yes”.  Her life was no less busy, but she started prioritizing the things that were important to her.

Say YES!

This is biblical.  You know, there are so many times I’m afraid.  In those moments, I often say no.  I often miss out on great blessings and opportunities.  It’s been this way my whole life. I’ve often limited the reach of my goals and the development of my ability by my fears.  In the face of fear, even when it changes absolutely nothing, I try to remind myself of 2 Timothy 1:7, which says,

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

About two years ago, at the beginning of the year, I felt like God was asking me what my crazy, out-of-this world dream was.  I had been dreaming of a project at work – a Conference – that seemed so far out of reach.

In that moment, I threw it out there.  I told God my big, hairy, audacious goal was to have this Conference, and God told me He would help me make it a reality.

This past year, I saw that dream become a reality through lots and lots and lots of hard work and prayer and collaboration with colleagues.  That dream became the first Digital Discipleship Conference.

Similarly, several years ago, I told God I was ready to settle down.  There were lots of bumps on the road to get there.  There were lessons I needed to learn.  I needed to strengthen my relationship with Him.  I needed to get my emotions in check and learn how to be still in God’s presence.  So when the moment came, when it was my time to say “yes”, as crazy as the situation seemed, I was able to do it.

I remember the decision I made about six years ago to move to Lebanon.  I felt so clearly in my mind and heart that God was leading me to this decision.  Looking back now, it’s one that totally shifted the direction of my life.  I was so tuned in to God that while on the surface it looked like a crazy decision, I was able to say “yes”.

I want you to make 2017 your year of “yes”.

Yes to God’s direction.

Yes to your dreams.

Yes to confronting your fears.

Yes to the year you always wanted to live.

7 Principles to Saying YES

The magic of 2017 is the magic you make, right?  Well, I want to share these 7 principles with you that can really help you make 2017 an amazing year!  A year that’s filled with moments that you want to say “yes” to.  Here are the 7 principles to having a Year of YES!

  1. Say YES (Click here to learn more)
  2. Expect Blessings
  3. Face Your Fears
  4. Let Go
  5. Start Afresh
  6. Crush Your Goals
  7. Delight

To explore these principles in more detail and push forward towards your Year of Yes, snag a copy of my free cheat sheet on how you can make 2017 your Year of Yes!

What’s stopping you from saying yes?  Share it below in the comments section?

Start the YEAR OF YES Journey

DAY 1: Say YES!

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