7 Inspiring Ways Online Breakup Counseling Will Heal Your Heart [Especially if you’ve been failing on your own]

Online Breakup Counseling

Are you struggling to manage your emotions after your breakup? Do you find that overwhelm and depression are keeping you from functioning and living a normal life? Do you wish there were breakup counseling to help you push through each day and move on after your breakup?

In this article I’m going to show you how getting online counseling can be the experience that changes your life and prevents you from wasting months wallowing in your sorrows after your breakup.

relaxing after a breakup and considering getting counseling

(Affiliate Disclosure: If you click on a link in this post and decide to sign-up for counseling from BetterHelp, I will get a commission.  It doesn’t cost you one cent more.  I will use this money to keep supporting you on this blog, feed my cute little munchkin son and go home to the States to visit my mom, dad and brother — they miss me.  I’ll only recommend things to you that I believe would be an awesome benefit that I’ve benefitted from as well)

I will share how counseling was one of the top factors for my healing after my breakup and how getting counseling online can be more beneficial than in-person counseling in some cases.

My Breakup Experience

When finding out I have a blog helping women move beyond their breakups, people always ask me, have you been through a hard breakup?

The answer is a resounding yes!

More than one!

I have been through breakups that have had huge impacts on my life, and if I hadn’t let my heart heal properly, they would have turned my life upside down.

My first breakup was from a long-term boyfriend.

The relationship spanned 9 years.

One day, I received a call from a woman who turned out to also be his girlfriend. She left me a message inviting me to give her a call back so we could chat.

Needless to say I didn’t call her back. I had no interest in chatting.

The relationship ended and I was left to put back together the pieces of my heart.

Difference Counseling Made to my Healing

One of the top factors I credit with my healing and with maintaining my sanity — hands down — was counseling. Through it I was able to heal and move forward.

It gave me support, a plan of action and renewed confidence.

It was a way to manage my emotions, deal with overwhelm and depression and continue functioning and living a normal life.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations after a breakup

Benefits of In-Person Counseling and Online Breakup Counseling

Whether in person or online, counseling can make a world of difference in your healing process. It is the first thing I would recommend anyone do after a breakup!

Benefits of Breakup Counseling

  • Counseling gives you the opportunity to talk to a neutral third party about what’s happening in your life
  • You have the opportunity to meet with a person well educated in human behavior and psychology in a professional setting where confidentiality is one of the guiding principles of the profession
  • You give yourself the opportunity to process and deal with the overwhelm of emotion that inevitably comes along with breakups

I’ve always gotten in-person counseling because I didn’t know online counseling existed, but it would have really come in handy to know I could access someone almost anonymously from a distant location.

Each time I’ve had to seek out counseling, it’s been a bit of hassle to search for someone who had the same values as me and make it in person to all of the sessions.

The toughest case was when I lived in the Middle East and I was searching furiously for a female Christian counselor who could talk me through my challenges.  After tons of internet searching, a few e-mails and a couple of phone calls, I tracked someone down.  In the end, she was worth her weight in gold, but the process of finding her was intense.  Some people might have known they needed to get counseling but just given up.

Benefits of Online Breakup Counseling

Because of these experiences, I believe in some cases, online counselling can be a great option when seeking to get through a breakup.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet with a qualified professional to help you sort through your feelings
  • You will have the flexibility to communicate with your counselor between sessions in a text chat so you’re not bound to the weekly sessions
  • You will have the convenience of meeting from your home on video chat
  • You may feel the ability to maintain a sense of anonymity from the privacy of your home
  • The ability to open up and be vulnerable may be less intimidating over a computer than in person

While there’s no denying than connecting face-to-face is the optimal way to get counseling, starting your journey towards breakup recovery online can be a less intimidating way to begin the journey towards healing.  In fact, the process can inspire you to look beyond your present situation and begin to dream again.

journaling after a breakup is a good form of breakup counselling

Inspiring Ways Online Breakup Counseling Will Heal Your Heart

  1. Counseling may infuse you with hope for the future – When you’re sitting in your room by yourself, you may not feel like there’s anything left living for. A counselor will give you hope and help you see that the future is possible.
  2. Counseling may give you the opportunity to dream again – When you’re able to believe that there is a future for you, you will begin to dream again. This is what life is made of – the ability to believe in something beyond today.
  3. The process may inspire you to let go of the past – Once you are able to think of the future, you won’t find yourself so stuck in the past. Letting go is one of the hardest but most important things you will do in your healing process.
  4. Chatting consistently with a professional may inspire you to let your heart heal – As you let go and begin to look toward the future, your heart will begin to heal again.
  5. The process of counselling may inspire you that it’s possible to love again – You will begin to consider the possibility of loving again.
  6. Allow yourself to grow and heal in counseling may inspire you to value yourself again – The impact of a broken relationship can begin to make you question your value and self-worth. Counseling will help you value yourself again.
  7. Counseling will inspire you to manage your emotions and not let your emotions manage you – Counseling will tell you that your emotions are important but it will encourage you to never let them rule you, instead you should learn to rule your emotions.

Reviews from people who have used online counseling

Review #39426
Written by H.. after counseling with Paige Henry for 3 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, intimacy-related issues, and self esteem

“Paige is very kind and patient, and is an excellent listener. She has addressed all of my concerns, and is working with me to help me be the person I want to be. She makes the difficult process of change seem less daunting, and has a way of helping me see things more clearly, without telling me what to do. I appreciate her compassion and understanding, and value her insights and gentle nature.”

Paige Henry LMSW

Review #39423
Written by B.R. after counseling with Christie Ryan for 4 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related issues, eating disorders, self esteem, and anger management

“Christy has helped me to have confidence in the future. She’s helped me feel confident in the counseling process and his help me anywhere from my relationship problems and recovery through problems with family and most importantly has helped me with not feeling alone and getting things off my chest that have built up for years. Many people feel very alone when they have problems in their life and feel as if no one would understand, but once I started talking to counselor I started to realize that I’m not alone and that so many others feel the same way I do and that I am normal for the way that I feel and the problems I have are normal. I’ve gained confidence in myself and confidence in this process called life. There’s no step by step book of how to deal with things that come into our lives but having someone on your side that helps you through it is extremely important and rewarding. I would recommend Christy any day. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful in so many different aspects. I will continue to use her as my counselor until I feel ready to handle life on my own with all of the resources and guidance she is giving me.”

Christie Ryan LMHC

Review #39418
Written by J.E. after counseling with Danielle Centofranchi for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, lgbt, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related issues, eating disorders, and self esteem

“I joined BetterHelp not knowing what to expect, particularly with regards to value for money. After just a few sessions, I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent times, and that’s due in no small part to Danielle Centofranchi. She’s extremely personable, friendly, and has a wealth of personal and professional experience with all sides of the spectrum when it comes to psychological difficulties and the events that create them. I’m feeling optimistic about the future for the first time in a long time, thanks to her.”

Danielle Centofranchi LCSW,SAP,MA

Benefits of BetterHelp Online Counseling

When considering Online Counselling, BetterHelp has the largest platform with over 3,000 professional counselors you can be matched with, and they have helped over 400,000 get the support they need in challenging situations.

Because of its online platform, with chat features and online scheduling, it allows you to access therapy when you need it, often in-between live video sessions.

Click here to start your journey towards a healthier, happier, more inspired you.

(If you are in immediate danger or crisis, online counseling is not the best option, please visit this page for resources to find the help you need.)

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that a breakup counselor can help you find a different perspective over your breakup for faster recovery. My colleague is thinking of leaving his current relationship even though it’s about to reach a decade. I hope this could convince him to consult an expert before rushing things.

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