Does True Love Exist?

If you’re reading this, you clicked on the link.  So you may have an answer to the question, “Do you believe the one exists?”

If you clicked on the link, I’m going to guess you’re in one of the following categories:

Hopeful – you’re single and you’re hoping that “the one” exists
Cynical – you’re single and you’re dang-on sure that “the one” doesn’t exist
Romantic – you’re married and you have no doubts that your spouse is your one and only and no one else would do!
Skeptical – you’re married and you know that this can’t be “it”
Curious – whether you’re single or married is irrelevant, you’ve heard the debate and you’re curious to see where we’ll land

You Believe The One ExistsDo You Believe The One Exists?

I’m going to state my position up front. I don’t want to rain on any romantic’s parade, but I don’t believe there is one person in the whole world we are each matched to and that’s the only person with whom we could make marriage work. What I believe in instead is God saying yes! I believe in following God’s guidance and leading, even when it comes to the one you’re going to marry. That means it’s more about “The One” than it is about “the one”.

“the one” for Me

Personally, I believe that because of who I married, my life is easier, more pleasant, enjoyable, fun, full of laughter, joy and amazing memories. I know with certainty my life would have been very different, in some ways much harder, much less enjoyable and much less purposeful if I had married someone else — especially as I think back on men I dated prior to meeting my husband.

Getting married was a choice we made. Creating a beautiful, loving marriage is a choice we continue to make each day.

You Believe The One Exists

Do You Believe in “the one”?

Do you believe in “the one”? Are you waiting for life to bring that magical person into your life? Do you feel like you’re just waiting for fate to smile on you?

What about, if as married and single people, instead, we waited for “The One”. What if we allowed our relationship with HIM to lead us to our relationship with him.

“him” could be our future spouse or it could be the husband we sleep next to each night.

As a single woman, you could meet someone tomorrow who could potentially be a great life partner. Are you open to the person? Is your heart open? Are you clinging to the idea of this one person fate brings into your path or are you listening to hear when God says “yes”?  If you’re not listening, you might miss him.  Is your heart prepared to meet “the one” God says “yes” to?

If you’re married, are you loving the one you’re with? Do you believe you can build a good marriage or do you believe they happen by luck or are the result of fate’s crooked smile. Do you somehow doubt you are married to “the one” for you?

When it comes to choosing your husband, “the one” is the man God said yes to and the one you chose. When it comes to staying with your husband and building a beautiful marriage, “the one” is “the one” that you continue to say yes to each day.

What do you think? Do you believe the one exists?


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