Beyond the Break-up (Day 3)

Welcome to the BEYOND THE BREAK-UP 5-Day Series!

Thank you for trusting me with this moment in time in your life!  I believe you’re going to come through this situation as a more fabulous version of yourself!  Check out today’s video as we work to move beyond the break-up!

The challenge of letting go

  • Letting go can be one of the hardest parts of breaking up.  It’s hard to re-imagine a future that you’ve invested so much into
  • Family and friends can struggle to understand why it’s taking you so long to let go
  • Looking back, I wish I would have let go of dead relationships sooner
  • Understand the reason why you’re not letting go.  It could be because you want to stay connected to the person in some way, even if it’s holding on to the anger
  • Letting go can be like the death of someone
  • Sometimes we hold on to hurt and anger in order to hold on to the person
  • Don’t continue to act as though the relationship has not ended.  It will increase the amount of time it will take you to move on

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