Beyond the Break-up (Day 4)

Welcome to the BEYOND THE BREAK-UP 5-Day Series!

Thank you for trusting me with this moment in time in your life!  I believe you’re going to come through this situation as a more fabulous version of yourself!  Check out today’s video as we work to move beyond the break-up!

It’s the combination of all of the things we do that help us get to the other side

  • Exercise – Get more confident and sexy.  Get your groove back. Get all the good endorphins to help get you in a better mood and give your body a natural burst of happiness
  • Avoid sugar and caffeine – it helps to ward off depression
  • Get spiritual – my relationship with God has carried me through times of depression after a break-up
  • Write affirmations on a card to remind you of your value and self-worth throughout the day
  • Avoid escapism and addictions

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