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9 Ways to Survive the Holidays after a Breakup

One trip to the store will give you an in-your-face reminder that the holidays are just around the corner.  And for most people, this is welcome news – eggnog, turkeys, mistletoe, menorahs and a...

The Upside to Being Angry 0

The UPSIDE to Being Angry

When it comes to the end of relationship, there is an upside to getting mad! So, my question to you is, are you using anger to your benefit or is it using you?  If you...

how to breakup free from anger 0

How to Break Free from Anger

I was so mad that I threw money in the garbage can. Real money. In the trash. Because I was mad. Anger blinds us. It makes us irrational. But the reality is sometimes after...

How to Survive the Second Month after a Breakup 4

How to Survive the Second Month after a Breakup

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say congratulations on surviving the first month after your breakup, but hey, what the heck!  Congratulations!  You have survived your first 30-days of no contact.  Now, we’re...

Heal Your Heart with Counseling 0

Heal Your Heart with Counseling

Counseling will give you hope for the future When you’re sitting in your room by yourself, you may not feel like there’s anything left living for. A counselor will give you hope and help...