How Rachel Met Peter: Love Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 9

Months before meeting Peter, a woman I trust immensely asked me a pointed and timely question.  She said, Do you trust that what God has in His hands is better than what you have in your hands?  I did a quick search of my heart, and the sad answer was no.  While I acknowledged that God was all sovereign and had everything under control, I didn’t truly believe in my heart of hearts that He could solve my problems. It’s not that I thought God was incapable.  It’s more that I thought His version of happiness would be a distortion of my version of happiness.  Looking back now, I realize I had such a warped picture of God.

She illustrated her point with the story of Jesus and His disciples from John 21.  In that story, during the night the disciples are fishing and cannot seem to catch anything.  In the morning, they see a man on the beach.  At the time, they do not realize it’s Jesus.  He tells them to throw their nets back into the water over the right side of the boat.  And in their desperation, they do.  And what do you know?  They catch so many fish their nets are about to break.  They’ve seen miraculous things like this happen before, and then they know it can only be the doing of Jesus.  Immediately, they head back to shore.  Peter’s so excited to see Jesus that he jumps out of the boat to try to get to Jesus faster than the boat would carry him.  Amazingly enough, when they get to the beach, Jesus is there with bread and fish.  He already has breakfast going for them.  He invites them to add to the meal He’s prepared, but He doesn’t need it.  He didn’t need their contribution of fish.  He was able to provide, and His provision was quite generous!

She then asked me again, Rachel, do you trust that what God has in His hands is better than what you have in your hands?  It took me many days of contemplation of what God had done in the past in my life and what I knew He had done in the lives of others to come to this place of trust in my life, but finally I arrived.  I arrived to a place of peace and calm.  I arrived to a place of trusting God, knowing that whatever He had in His hands was better than what I had in mine.

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